FORTNITE chapter 2 SEASON 1: What You Need to Know

The end of the Fornite world is over, and chapter 2 can begin at the end. With a new map, a new way to level up, as well as new default skins, this new Fortnite page feels like a breath of fresh air. We tell you everything you need to know.

Earlier this week, Fortnite players faced the end of the world. Indeed, it was impossible to play Fortnite for more than a day, and everyone who tried to do so found themselves facing a black hole. For some, it was impossible to even access it, very similar to Windows wallpaper.

However, we later found out that this was a full update of the game from Epic Games. If you haven’t played Fortnite and his 2nd episode yet, here’s the new one.


Now a brand new map that players can discover. There are 13 main places to visit and many little ones are scattered everywhere. There are also places where you can go fishing. Yeah yeah.


Secondly, the form has not really changed, but rather in its functioning. Players can always choose between a free and premium prize package. Coatings, expressions, gliders, harvesting tools, loading screens, V-Bucks etc. They contain.

But the real innovation is in the form of evolution. Epic Games states that it is possible to gain experience by participating in in-game activities such as finding chests, eliminating opponents, completing challenges and maintaining the list.

Fornite allows the player to see his progress in real time during the game. In fact, at the bottom left of the screen, there is an experience bar populated by actions. This gives the player the opportunity to choose how to approach the game. Would he like to skip the level first by searching for treasures or would he prefer to jump directly into action?


Level 100 is no longer an insurmountable obstacle. On the other hand, we do not yet know what we have earned after passing this round figure. New looks? Old rare weapons? Only time will tell.


The new default coatings are much thinner. Overall, Epic Games has made a real effort and shows whether it’s the interface or the graphics. Everything sounds good. For those of you still not motivated to play Fortnite, this episode may be … sorry.


Sunday, July 28, 2019 ended the first Fornite World Cup in history. Fornite is a historic event for the world of e-sports for all fans and players of one of the most popular games of recent years. Let’s go back to the incredible figures of this Fornite World Cup.

$ 15 BILLION: The estimated value of Epic Games has passed after a $ 1.25 billion fund.

$ 3 BILLION: Profits from Epic Games in 2018, according to TechCrunch. Who do we thank? Thanks Fortnite!

$ 1 BILLION: According to marketing company Newzoo, the E-Sport industry will earn $ 1 billion this year.

250 MILLION: The number of Fornite players since its release in 2017.

$ 100 MILLION: Everything Epic Games is planning to spend on awards in 2019.

40 MILLION PLAYERS: This is the number of players participating in the World Cup qualifiers.

$ 30 MILLION AWARD: The sum of all prizes awarded to players during the World Cup.

$ 3 MILLION: During the World Cup solo and duo ranked first price. This is also the winner of the Pro-Am tournament, where the most popular Fortnite player Ninja will participate. Indeed, it has 22 million subscribers.

What happens if we make a comparison in tennis because the world cup takes place at the same Arthur Ashe stadium as in the US Open? If Roger Federer wins the US Open, he leaves $ 3.85 million. In Wimbledon, the winner would have a pocket of just under $ 3M, which is still higher than Tiger Woods and $ 2M.

$ 50,000: The amount paid to those qualified for the World Cup.

23 000: The number of seats at the Arthur Ashe stadium.

1221: The number of players expelled from the cheating contest. These include those who work with competitors to win, use cheat software, and play in various parts of the world to qualify.

16: Age of the winner of the World Cup final in the Solo category.

13: Mongraal, the youngest professional player in e-sports history
Minimum age to participate in the World Cup. The two youngest qualifiers are 14 years old: Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson from England and Martin “MrSavage” Foss Anderson from Norway.

Fortnite kicks off winter tournament with $ 15 million at stake

“Winter Royale” will allow players to compete in two teams for three days. It ends with a $ 5 million award ceremony every day.

Epic Games continues to earn a lot of money for its players. The American studio has just announced its return to the Winter Royale on December 5th. It will take place from 20 to 22 December 2019.

This is a three-day tournament where everyone can participate. Only the duet is played and a team wins the night. Every day a $ 5 million cash prize is in jeopardy, not just that the winners will make money: several players will be rewarded according to their rankings.

Last year, the Winter Royale 2018 winner was the French player Skite: the total vault at that time was one million dollars (five times less than this year) and pocketed $ 75,000.


Those who still don’t like the cross-platform are assured: the contestants will be separated according to the platform they use (PC, console, mobile), which should avoid choosing too many players on the computer. Likewise, the pairs will be distributed according to their geographical regions (Europe, Asia, etc.).

Ic In-game event presentation and rules will be available soon for more information, Ep said Epic Games. Currently, these details have not been added yet.

In total, $ 15 million (€ 13.5 million) is coming into play by Epic Games for the winter tournament this year. This figure is impressive when you know that Bugha, a solo player of the Epic Games, has just received a triple ($ 40 million) cash prize from the first World Cup he received. 16 years old.

Fortnite: Epic would have found a new way to make a lot of money

Fortnite is about to reveal the Annual Pass card, a new way to help players spend money.

After War Pass – or War Pass – Is there an annual Pass? Epic Games will launch a new micro-transformation for Fortnite, according to information captured by Fortnite News on December 12th. In the files for the Fortnite v11.30 update, a new Battle Pass called the Annual Pass was mentioned.

“Buy the Annual Pass 2020 and buy all upcoming Battle Packs and 7 exclusive cosmetics. The War Packs unlock 25% of each War Pass when released”, we can learn the first details. This Annual Pass 7,800 V-Bucks’ It would cost – around 70 Euros, so each season (approximately every three months) would be more expensive than a Yearly War Pass, which was slightly less than 10 euros.


For Epic Games, the Annual Pass will have the opportunity to hold by offering all Battle Passes regularly, giving all players multiple bonuses at the same time. This micro-conversion reminds of the Season Pass policy, which brings together additional paid content in a single package.

However, since the retroactivity problem has emerged, we will wait to learn more about the full distribution of the Annual Transition. What if I buy an Annual Pass during the year (can I unlock all previous prizes?)? Should I make a discount if I buy the Annual Pass after I have already acquired the War Passes? We will have to wait to formalize the answer to these questions. Tonight can also take place during the Game Awards ceremony. In a tweet on December 9, Epic Games released an unmissable ad.

Google refuses to make an exception for Fortnite to be in the Google Play Store

Epic Games wants Fortnite to be accessible on the Google Play Store without Google’s 30% commission. Google declined.

Since the launch of Fortnite on the mobile device, it was not possible to download the app via the Google Play Store. And this is unlikely to change at any time soon.

When a studio accepts that its game is hosted on the Google Play Store, 30% of all transactions a player will take in the game will enter Google’s pockets. This is the same for apps that are accessible from the App Store on iOS. These “service fees” are reduced to 15% after one year, you can read the terms of use.


When it was launched on mobile in October 2018, Epic Games openly agreed to it on Apple, but was not accepted on Google. This means that the Fortnite app is easily accessible from the App Store, but is more complex for Android: you need to go to with your smartphone or take a photo directly from the QR code.

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A year has passed since playing Fortnite on Android, players need to go through a few manipulations that are less obvious than a simple search in the Google Play Store. However, Epic Games recently made a request to Google to ask Fortnite to appear in the app store, as reported by Google on December 8th, only up to 9, but subject to the 30% rule. The company wanted its virtual currency to be independent of Google (you pay Euros for V-dollars that can be used in the game).

The operations at Fortnite must be said to be extremely high: the game is free and the payment does not have any competitive advantage over others, but it provides access to cosmetic improvements that are highly appreciated by players (especially victory dances) and costumes for their skins or avatars. “Epic doesn’t want to be an exception, we want all applications in the smartphone industry to change, The said The Verge on December 9th.

But Google refused. “Google Play has a business model and billing policy that allows us to invest in our platform and tools to help developers create robust projects while protecting our users later,” he said. in a statement.

The Arsenal of Battle Royale – Guide to Weapons and Items

You’ll find a summary of all Fortnite Battle Royale weapons and objects here, categorized by category and type of ammunition on the same occasion, and each page contains descriptions, analysis, statistics, and usage recommendations for each weapon or object.


Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has multiple weapons and gadgets to help you stay alive. Learn about their characteristics, including advantages and disadvantages, in order to choose the best weapon for each situation.

Pistols are the most commonly found weapon and are often overlooked. The addition and modification of weapons makes some of them interesting for short or medium range combat. Also keep in mind that if you land in a densely populated area, this gun may be your first weapon.

If you put the ball on your head, the specificity of these weapons is still more than double, sometimes triple.

Assault rifle

Assault rifles are one of the most commonly used weapons in the game, and for good reason: they must be the most versatile! They can be used near and far, they are the best choice for mid-range, but can always serve you, they are probably the most balanced category in the game, with good pace, severe damage and effective loader size. They all use ordinary bullets.

Suction rifle

Pump rifles are the ones that should be at the Fortnite Combat Royale, which are extremely powerful at close range, and often give a long fight to your advantage. The damage is distributed over various balls, so the damage you see shows what happens when you hit all the balls.

Unlike other weapons, remember that the reload time indicates that the full charger has been reloaded, but you can only refill a few cartridges (even one) before firing.

Sniper rifle

Master sniper rifle during very long-range shootings. They can drop a player with a sensitive frame (except shotgun) and serious damage in one or two shots. However, unless there is an “uncovered” sensitivity hang, they become much weaker at close range. In addition, the fire rates are very low, because they often need to be charged, which is also the only area of interest for the best rare: charge faster.

machine gun

Machine guns have a very high fire rate! It was noteworthy in the melee, but there were also many developments in his last Majesty. Their mid-range sensitivities have increased a bit, today it should be a weapon combined with a shotgun, especially for close combat. Headshots are particularly challenging.

Explosive weapon

Fortnite’s “Battle Royale” mode has many weapons and tools to help you survive. Learn about its features, strengths and weaknesses to choose the best weapon for every situation.

Explosive weapons are very few in the game and are quite rare. Damages are destructive and destroy all buildings in their passages, but it is very predictable and in addition to the ammunition limit: 12 missiles (+ already in the charger)

JET’s grenades and objects

For different effects, grenades can be collected and thrown at your enemies. There are currently 6 different types of grenades that have radically different effects (tactics, defense, attacks, etc.), but most of them can be useful depending on the situation.

Trap, trident, campfire

Fortnite’s “Battle Royale” mode has many weapons and tools to help you survive. Learn about its features, strengths and weaknesses to choose the best weapon for every situation.

Unique object

Supported objects

Nursing (PV)

Potion (shield)


If the Fortnite Battle Royale mode forces you and your opponents to accumulate weapons against you, there are many auxiliary items. They don’t really guarantee your offensive ability, but they can keep you alive longer. Whether it is maintenance, camouflage or shields, consumables are an important part of the game, and without them, you can never play the game.