The Arsenal of Battle Royale – Guide to Weapons and Items

You’ll find a summary of all FortniteĀ Battle Royale weapons and objects here, categorized by category and type of ammunition on the same occasion, and each page contains descriptions, analysis, statistics, and usage recommendations for each weapon or object.


Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode has multiple weapons and gadgets to help you stay alive. Learn about their characteristics, including advantages and disadvantages, in order to choose the best weapon for each situation.

Pistols are the most commonly found weapon and are often overlooked. The addition and modification of weapons makes some of them interesting for short or medium range combat. Also keep in mind that if you land in a densely populated area, this gun may be your first weapon.

If you put the ball on your head, the specificity of these weapons is still more than double, sometimes triple.

Assault rifle

Assault rifles are one of the most commonly used weapons in the game, and for good reason: they must be the most versatile! They can be used near and far, they are the best choice for mid-range, but can always serve you, they are probably the most balanced category in the game, with good pace, severe damage and effective loader size. They all use ordinary bullets.

Suction rifle

Pump rifles are the ones that should be at the Fortnite Combat Royale, which are extremely powerful at close range, and often give a long fight to your advantage. The damage is distributed over various balls, so the damage you see shows what happens when you hit all the balls.

Unlike other weapons, remember that the reload time indicates that the full charger has been reloaded, but you can only refill a few cartridges (even one) before firing.

Sniper rifle

Master sniper rifle during very long-range shootings. They can drop a player with a sensitive frame (except shotgun) and serious damage in one or two shots. However, unless there is an “uncovered” sensitivity hang, they become much weaker at close range. In addition, the fire rates are very low, because they often need to be charged, which is also the only area of interest for the best rare: charge faster.

machine gun

Machine guns have a very high fire rate! It was noteworthy in the melee, but there were also many developments in his last Majesty. Their mid-range sensitivities have increased a bit, today it should be a weapon combined with a shotgun, especially for close combat. Headshots are particularly challenging.

Explosive weapon

Fortnite’s “Battle Royale” mode has many weapons and tools to help you survive. Learn about its features, strengths and weaknesses to choose the best weapon for every situation.

Explosive weapons are very few in the game and are quite rare. Damages are destructive and destroy all buildings in their passages, but it is very predictable and in addition to the ammunition limit: 12 missiles (+ already in the charger)

JET’s grenades and objects

For different effects, grenades can be collected and thrown at your enemies. There are currently 6 different types of grenades that have radically different effects (tactics, defense, attacks, etc.), but most of them can be useful depending on the situation.

Trap, trident, campfire

Fortnite’s “Battle Royale” mode has many weapons and tools to help you survive. Learn about its features, strengths and weaknesses to choose the best weapon for every situation.

Unique object

Supported objects

Nursing (PV)

Potion (shield)


If the Fortnite Battle Royale mode forces you and your opponents to accumulate weapons against you, there are many auxiliary items. They don’t really guarantee your offensive ability, but they can keep you alive longer. Whether it is maintenance, camouflage or shields, consumables are an important part of the game, and without them, you can never play the game.

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