Fortnite: Epic would have found a new way to make a lot of money

Fortnite is about to reveal the Annual Pass card, a new way to help players spend money.

After War Pass – or War Pass – Is there an annual Pass? Epic Games will launch a new micro-transformation for Fortnite, according to information captured by Fortnite News on December 12th. In the files for the Fortnite v11.30 update, a new Battle Pass called the Annual Pass was mentioned.

“Buy the Annual Pass 2020 and buy all upcoming Battle Packs and 7 exclusive cosmetics. The War Packs unlock 25% of each War Pass when released”, we can learn the first details. This Annual Pass 7,800 V-Bucks’ It would cost – around 70 Euros, so each season (approximately every three months) would be more expensive than a Yearly War Pass, which was slightly less than 10 euros.


For Epic Games, the Annual Pass will have the opportunity to hold by offering all Battle Passes regularly, giving all players multiple bonuses at the same time. This micro-conversion reminds of the Season Pass policy, which brings together additional paid content in a single package.

However, since the retroactivity problem has emerged, we will wait to learn more about the full distribution of the Annual Transition. What if I buy an Annual Pass during the year (can I unlock all previous prizes?)? Should I make a discount if I buy the Annual Pass after I have already acquired the War Passes? We will have to wait to formalize the answer to these questions. Tonight can also take place during the Game Awards ceremony. In a tweet on December 9, Epic Games released an unmissable ad.

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