Fortnite kicks off winter tournament with $ 15 million at stake

“Winter Royale” will allow players to compete in two teams for three days. It ends with a $ 5 million award ceremony every day.

Epic Games continues to earn a lot of money for its players. The American studio has just announced its return to the Winter Royale on December 5th. It will take place from 20 to 22 December 2019.

This is a three-day tournament where everyone can participate. Only the duet is played and a team wins the night. Every day a $ 5 million cash prize is in jeopardy, not just that the winners will make money: several players will be rewarded according to their rankings.

Last year, the Winter Royale 2018 winner was the French player Skite: the total vault at that time was one million dollars (five times less than this year) and pocketed $ 75,000.


Those who still don’t like the cross-platform are assured: the contestants will be separated according to the platform they use (PC, console, mobile), which should avoid choosing too many players on the computer. Likewise, the pairs will be distributed according to their geographical regions (Europe, Asia, etc.).

Ic In-game event presentation and rules will be available soon for more information, Ep said Epic Games. Currently, these details have not been added yet.

In total, $ 15 million (€ 13.5 million) is coming into play by Epic Games for the winter tournament this year. This figure is impressive when you know that Bugha, a solo player of the Epic Games, has just received a triple ($ 40 million) cash prize from the first World Cup he received. 16 years old.

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