Google refuses to make an exception for Fortnite to be in the Google Play Store

Epic Games wants Fortnite to be accessible on the Google Play Store without Google’s 30% commission. Google declined.

Since the launch of Fortnite on the mobile device, it was not possible to download the app via the Google Play Store. And this is unlikely to change at any time soon.

When a studio accepts that its game is hosted on the Google Play Store, 30% of all transactions a player will take in the game will enter Google’s pockets. This is the same for apps that are accessible from the App Store on iOS. These “service fees” are reduced to 15% after one year, you can read the terms of use.


When it was launched on mobile in October 2018, Epic Games openly agreed to it on Apple, but was not accepted on Google. This means that the Fortnite app is easily accessible from the App Store, but is more complex for Android: you need to go to with your smartphone or take a photo directly from the QR code.

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A year has passed since playing Fortnite on Android, players need to go through a few manipulations that are less obvious than a simple search in the Google Play Store. However, Epic Games recently made a request to Google to ask Fortnite to appear in the app store, as reported by Google on December 8th, only up to 9, but subject to the 30% rule. The company wanted its virtual currency to be independent of Google (you pay Euros for V-dollars that can be used in the game).

The operations at Fortnite must be said to be extremely high: the game is free and the payment does not have any competitive advantage over others, but it provides access to cosmetic improvements that are highly appreciated by players (especially victory dances) and costumes for their skins or avatars. “Epic doesn’t want to be an exception, we want all applications in the smartphone industry to change, The said The Verge on December 9th.

But Google refused. “Google Play has a business model and billing policy that allows us to invest in our platform and tools to help developers create robust projects while protecting our users later,” he said. in a statement.

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